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Cancel, Change Location, Cancel, Extend, Cancel

The title says it all...

They have cancelled our experience day time after time...
We then had to pay £20 to extend the date range of the voucher, as they had cancelled that many times it had become void.

They then charged us another £20 to use the voucher on the weekend, we booked, and yet again, this was cancelled. No refund of the £20 was offered.

They then cancelled local location nearest to us, so instead of travelling 10 miles, the closest centre was now 100 miles away, and we couldn't use the voucher until next season.

Guess what.... Cancelled again.

Given up with them now, they requested more money to extend it again, through no fault of our own.

Useless company, and customer service. Would not reccomend to anyone.


Awesome selection of watches

Awesome selection of watches, and great delivery times.



A great experience where everything just works, and arrives on time.

Overclockers UK

Recently Built a PC parts and postage all perfect

I recently built a PC, a got most of my parts from Amazon, and the rest from Overclockers.
Amazons delivery was unreliable and disappointing, Overclockers got everything correct and perfectly timed.


Took my bank details, then refused to help.

After applying for a domain and webspace, the text activation was not sent to my phone, when talking to support they said it was my problem, and to contact my mobile phone supplier... I asked them to send it again, they would not, the customer service was rude and obviously dealing with numerous customers so was not paying any attention. The next day I contacted them again and they do nothing to help me get my account opened.
(After taking bank details)

Were happy to cancel my account immediately...

Final update, the hosting and uptime is a bright spark coming through the initial problems.

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21 February 2013

Reply from

Hi Joe.

I am very sorry you have had this unfortunate experience. Unfortunately we are not able to send the activation code to another phone number, which is why you have the possibility to send in a signed domain for instead. The domain registry requires identification for us to be able to register the domain.

We do not charge any money until the order is activated in one of these two ways. I am still very sorry that we were not able to help you better in this matter and I will make sure we have a look at how we can improve these procedures and tools for our supporters to help in cases like this.

If you would like to reopen the account or if you have any further feedback for me I would be happy to help if you email me at


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