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Shoddy quality at a not so cheap price

Ordered the 10 x 10 BillyOh 5000 Windowless Greenkeeper, Premium Tongue and Groove Double Door Workshop. Good points first, lots of communications via e-mail and the delivery was prompt with all items required included. The delivery guy was helpful if not a little clumsy, managing to steer the pallet into a wall and damaging the corner of one of the panels before it even got to my property.

Upon starting to unwrap the pallet I quickly realised there were going to be further issues. The way the panels were stacked on the pallet meant that several were damaged purely due to the weight on top of them, add to this that the plastic binding straps and wrapping was on so tight that certain boards had actually been split in half. Continuing on I discovered that most of the panels were soaked through and in fact I found piles of snow within the package, clearly demonstrating that the product had been stored outside with no weatherproofing. This had in turn led to several of the panels starting to develop mould growths on them, not confidence inspiring when they claim a 10 year anti-rot guarantee.

Further problems lie with the quality of the product itself. Bearing in mind that this is described as their premium product the materials used are, for the most part seriously sub-standard. The framing is pretty rough in places with several large knots that could potentially affect the strength of the structure. The cladding though is particularly terrible, as I said the website makes great claims about the premium quality of the cladding but with so many holes around the T&G joints, split boards and certain boards so thin that only half of the joint was present, I can only suspect that they are actually using seconds from a timber yard somewhere. Add to this that the construction of the panels themselves was so haphazard that many of them, particularly the gable apexes, simply didn't fit together without some level of repair.

After contacting the company with photos showing the issues they agreed to send out a replacement, which again turned up promptly on the agreed date. Upon delivery however it was clear that many of the replacement parts were in an even worse condition than the original ones. After some debate it was agreed to leave both with me so as to pick the best parts from each kit in order to actually be able to start construction. I asked the co. if they would be willing to offer me some discount due to these issues which they agreed to however only to the sum of £50, which although better than nothing doesn't really compensate for the hassle this purchase has caused me.

In summary, while I appreciate that at this price point this was never going to be the best shed in the world, I still wouldn't consider it to be good value, even with the discount. When the quality issues are taken in to account, there is no way that this could be labelled a premium product and therefore I could not and would not recommend this product, or this company to any potential purchasers.

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