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A very good product but the delivery point arrangements need reviewing.

The pagoda lamp was easy to order and if anything is a better product than we expected. Communications were fine and delivery was as scheduled. Unfortunately the guy who arrived to deliver the lamp had been on the grumpy juice! I was quite excited to receive the item and thought it would be best to take it round the back of the house and straight into the garden where it was to be sited. He was mono sylabic but I gether he wasn't supposed to be delivering the lamp but someone had problems with a truck so he got landed with the job. He was clearly less than amused. The lamp was very well packaged in expanded polystyrene and fitted to a pallet. The guy had a pump truck and did try to get the pallet through the gate but it was a bit too wide to go through. "Just have to leave it here then" he said as he left the pallet squarley in the gateway used by other people. When I asked - he did move it a metre or so - so that it wasnt blocking accesss for others but then just left me to it - put the truck in the back of the lorry and drove away. The lamp is very, very heavy even though it is delivered in 3 sections. I managed to get the first two sections into my garden but just couldnt lift the base. Eventually I got my wheel barrow and somehow managed to struggle the lamp to somewhere safe and out of the way. I don't say it was the drivers job to assist me but it was pretty clear I was stuck and 5 minutes help would have prevented an hours struggle. Anyhow the lamp is now in situ and we are very pleased with the outcome. A shame it was blighted by a person who couldn't be bothered to help - such is life eh? :0)

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