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Quick to take payment, not so quick to deliver

Beware..have purchased two large items on their website in last few weeks and both times the system has froze on payment authorisation page. When you look into this,money has left account but after numerous calls on 0845 number to Homebase they tell you there is no order number or record of you on their system.

Having investigated this it turns out because their online system is so rubbish and out of date that the money sits in limbo at your bank (pending account) for 3 days, if Homebase do not claim within 3 days it is put back in your account.

Although the best bit is they then have 6 months to reclaim it, and beleive me they do...

I brought £400 shed and system crashed but money left my account, i got normal spill from customer service (on the dreaded 0845 number) no order number blah blah and it seemed true as my money was returned 3 days later. However a few days after that they requested payment and low and behold i suddenly had a order number.

Same thing has hapened with £1600 summer house, my payment was taken from account for 3 days but homebase have no order blah blah, it has now been returned but am at mercy of them taking the money again within next 6 months so can technically not spend it elsewhere. Apparently my bank told me if you make a debit card payment it can be taken upto 6 months later by the company.

Totally useless

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