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confusing and avoidable

I have items to return lots damaged and wrong thing. Its always the same answer whats this number whats that number. You send it then keep asking again. Surely the info is stored om the computer. Ive had items here for months and because theyve taken my money already there doesnt seem to be a rush to sort things out. Ive spent lots but havent got all ive wanted. All i asked was for a date to return parcels and i could then give all the info onto them as ive dealt with it. The return process is very slow and if you give them the info once your giviing it several times. You can then get passed to another person as the first can only deal with one issue. I have items still here and want my money returnd.
I just want to write out the return form hand it to the driver and then you deal with the issues the other end. Why is it so complicated. Im continually looking for files and order codes item codes all this should be available to them at there. Help .....
Ive also recieved a mirror now which should be a trolley and a bath towel thats missing and the amount of damaged items I've had is high . Also why put a small tin Into a massive box on it. own . I think there is big problem s in the warehouse also with damaged items I've had a fair amount of them that could of been avoided by products being checked properly before leaving .

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