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Dreadful delivery times and no concept of customer service

What I didn't mention was that I had also ordered a coffee table on 6th January 2013. Surprise surprise I haven't received this to date. What makes matters worse is that the website page for tracking orders is not working!
How this business is trading I cant understand
29/03/2013 Just to update readers on my experience. My original table was ordered on the 19th November 2012.
A couple of weeks ago I checked my order status via the Infurn websiteI and was informed delivery would take place week commencing 25th March. Having checked today I read the following note on the order staus screen:

"We would like to inform you that your order will unfortunately be delayed by a maximum of 8 weeks. Our quality control team has not accepted the order from the factory and already ordered that a new one be produced for you at our expense. We at Infurn would rather carry this extra cost so that you receive only the best quality product.

We not only ask for your understanding in this matter, but also offer you a 10% credit to be added to your account to show our appreciation of your patience in this delay.You can activate the 10% credit by clicking on the link below, and use the credit on your next purchase."

My points on this are as follows:
Why am I surprised my order is now delayed by up to another 8 weeks? This supports my previous point about the business model used. ie hold your cash for as long as possible and stretch the delivery time out until you get fed up and accept am 80% refund.
The offer of a 10% credit is a patronising insult as I will never purchase from this company again. A 10% refund of the order would be the action of a company that valued their customers and their brand. I assume Infurn work on the basis that there are plenty more gullable customers like me out there and dont expect any repeat business.

I'm going to contact the BBC consumer affairs program "Watchdog" as I'm sure this company warrants investigation.

ordered a table and chairs in November 2013. After specifying the colour and size when making the order I was contacted over two weeks later and asked for the size and colour. Which meant the order had not been processed. At this point I asked the chairs order be canceled (I'd been offered a gift of a set of chairs).
I was offered a refund of 80% (which in retrospect was unfair as I understand the Infurn business model is to get your money and delay placing the order with manufacturer until as late as possible). This was 4th December and I have still not received the refund despite numerous calls and emails. I last spoke to a supervisor on the 18th and when I asked for an additional payment to cover my credit card interest I was told "We don't pay interest". When I pushed the point I was offered a voucher which is worthless on two counts; there are numerous vouchers offered via their newsletter and secondly While I live and breath I will never do business with Infurn or a related company again!

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22 February 2013

Reply from Designfurn LTD (

Hello Peter,

I have read your comments and we apologise for the delay in re-imbursement for some of the items on your order which is being actioned.

With regard to your comments on the order, we would like to make the following points:

The suppliers were already informed of your order when you requested to cancel some of the items. A re-check for variations later, was done due to an IT problem.

Even though you approached us over 2 weeks after placing the order to cancel the chairs, for reasons of your own, we extended the one week cancellation rule to assist you by accepting this.

With regard to your comments on delivery times for your other item, the coffee table is still within the standard delivery time frame of 10-18 weeks, and not late.

Kind Regards
Valerie - Customer Services Adviser.

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