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May as well have used baking foil!

ordered the following Shed Baron Canberra 5ft wide x 8ft deep Metal Lean To Shed (FG85LT) it was £432 with the base and shelf kit.
The quality of the steel was so poor I would have been better off making my own using baking foil and toilet roll holders.
Because of poor weather (Scotland) we had to stop before we could get the roof on. The next day when we returned to the shed it was totally twisted out of shape and reinforced our opinion of the poor quality of materials this shed is made from

Buyer beware if you're considering purchasing this shed, they are supposedly manufactured in Australia hence the name Canberra, I think you'll find they are from China and made from the poorest quality steel available.

Buy a wooden shed and avoid the headaches we have had ever since this shed arrived!

15 May 2013

Reply from GardenSite

Good day Mr. Henderson,

In the light of your review I have decided to reply immediately and have also contacted one of the Directors, Mr. Philip Kandel, of the importers concerned. He had phoned me back before 9.30am this morning and has since written me a lengthy e-mail, some of which I will include below.

Initially can I say that I am very sorry that you are disappointed with your purchase from GardenSite. Our ethos is to supply only what customers’ want, which we believe is a quality product, with a high level of service. Store More Garden Buildings are one of our preferred suppliers because they meet, and indeed exceed our expectations. I have checked your order and there is no written record of you contacting us to voice your opinion or concerns. I believe your review on TrustPilot therefore, is the first we have heard?

I fear that leaving the building partly erected overnight, without a roof, in the storm like conditions we have suffered throughout the UK recently, is probably a major contributing fact to your shed being ‘totally twisted out of shape.’ As a gesture of goodwill we will replace the damaged parts at a heavily subsidised price for you? Can you please e-mail a list of these parts to us at Hopefully you will then have a fully serviceable shed that you are satisfied with?

I will now quote from Philip Kandel’s e-mail to me, as he has the technical and practical expertise that I lack when it comes to sourcing steel from around the world.
“Quite simply, in light clad steel sheds (as opposed to heavy-duty) this is the BEST quality high tensile, hot dipped galvanised steel available. There may be other sources which match this quality but none are better. However, there are many metal sheds manufactured from lesser quality and some of those brands are found in the UK market.

The steel for the Canberra sheds is sourced from Malaysia, India and Australia. These are primary sources of high grade steel in the world. None of the components are made from any materials sourced from China.

In the course of managing our supply chain, we have visited many of the factories where our products are produced. We have visited this particular factory and examined the materials supplied as well as the manufacturer. The steel is made stronger by the number and regularity of creases in the steel through the roll-forming process. The design of the Canberra cladding steel has the most creases of any in this category giving it the maximum strength.”

I hope Philip’s reply restores your belief in the product you have purchased, and the commitment to service of those behind your purchase.

Can I close by thanking you, Philip, for your personal contribution to my reply? It is much appreciated. And I look forward to hearing from you, Mr. Henderson, in the coming days.

Kind regards,

Robert Hall, senior partner, GardenSite

Exceptional service and incredibly fast and efficient

From the first contact (website) to the telephone call to book the survey, everything was incredibly smooth and efficient.
We were kept advised at all times and the quality of the door and the workmanship from the installation team is fantastic!

An excellent 'purchase' experience and we could not be more happier :-)

Phil and Susan Henderson

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