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Outstanding company. Always price matches

I love Tree Fort Bikes. They are fast at shipping with a central US location, website works great, and customer service is top-notch.

Their price matching service is really awesome, because if you haven't shopped around on your own they will still list a price match on their website if someone else had submitted it.

For some reason they also sell really awesome pint glasses with their logo on it, as well as other bike related companies. I like that since beer and bikes go so well together!

2ndimage Weebly

Good. Could be a little more flexible, but very stable.

I tried out this web editor due to my frustrations with Wix. Weebly was a much better experience. When Wix works, I must say I do love that it has much more freedom to move and add wherever you please... but it just doesn't work at all like it should for what they want you to pay.

Weebly is a very well priced option. I have been able to do most of what I wanted to do with my website. It still has a little more of a "tables" feel to it, but that's ok. At least it works and loads fast. I wish it had more options to change the layout or add some light graphics to their mobile version, but to the novice it is a really easy add on feature with no work on your part.

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Just annoying.

As others have stated over and over again, Wix is buggy as hell. I created a whole website already for a roller derby team and now I'm worried about the site even loading and working correctly.

#1... Some days your published website will load fast... then an hour later it can sit and not load. Usually you will see your browser waiting on "waiting for". Then they will give the same dead response they give to everyone... clear your cache, history, bla bla bla... it's your fault not ours.

#2... The web editor! I would need 20 people if I wanted to count on hands how many times I've sat with the web editor loading... loading... loading... and it never loads. I've refreshed, cleared cache, closed browser, pounded on my desk, jumped around, gone to the bathroom for a really long time and then came back... still no web editor.

#3... Mobile. I have yet to be able to set up the mobile design for the website I am working on. On all 3 browsers and on my home computer, I get the same message: "Could not load. please try again later." Hey Wix... I did... I really did try again later... many times. It's not my computer, it's not my browser... it's your site.

I am on a nearly new 27" iMac with updated Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. Same results in ALL BROWSERS. Yet the Wix support crew still give myself and all the others the same brain-dead responses... duh... must be your computer/browser.

THE POSITIVE??? Well, WHEN it all works correctly, it really allows you to do most anything as a website designer. The page transitions are a nice modern feature. SEO seems to be pretty good as well. Just be warned, if you are looking to do a site in a timely manner, or have one that a client can go in and edit later... Wix is a toss-up. I know it says it is in Beta right now... but when are they going to fix all these issues already? When I go into their support forums, the same old questions have been being asked for over a year already. FIX IT.

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21 March 2013

Reply from WIX

Hello Doug,

I am sorry you are having issues with our editors. I can understand how frustrating this must be for you. Our editor takes up a lot of your system resources. In our call center we receive thousands of calls every day. Clearing cache and cookies fixes a very large percentage of our customer issues. This is not a dead response. It is very effective troubleshooting.

What you are experiencing honestly sounds like a connection issue.

Give us a call 1-800-6000-WIX(949)
Monday - Friday between 6am - 5pm PST

We will go through some more troubleshooting steps to help you resolve this issue.

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