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DO NO SELL WITH PAYPAL + Horrifically bad customer service.

While the actual service works well enough at times if you're buying, if you plan on selling a product and collect payment through Paypal, DON'T. You will more than likely encounter a situation where they will hold onto the money and you'll have to go through the biggest hassle to even attempt to get it back. And trust me, no one wants to go through the hassle that is Paypal customer service.

Fact is, the customer service is horrendous. The call-in number is practically fully auto-mated and if your solution isn't among those pre-scripted, it will often go through a loop and you'll get no answers. You won't even get transferred to a live representative a lot of times. When you do, they''ll tell you that there's nothing they can do. Thats on top of the fact that emailing them gets you nowhere as well.

I recommend all boycott Paypal. Maybe they'll learn not to treat their customer base like SH*T otherwise.

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