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Memory Foam Warehouse

Super King Size Superior Outlast 500 Memory Foam Mattress

Where do I start with!!

Ofcourse with mattress background, I have a super king size bed that i got from Ikea and memory foam with pocket sprung matters about +/- 20 months old. Obvious with spring mattress is that over time you start to feel them! I latter added memory form topper about 6 months ago to resolve this problem but now the mattress slopes over to one side.

With my wife expecting another one, old mattress had to simply go. It was giving her a lot of bad backs in morning. Started looking out of deals (as usual with all my purchases), online as well as in local stores.

I was surprise to know that there are more then 30 - 35 brands out there in market (not as many in my local store! or perhaps lack knowledge on my part). The best deal that I could find was at Memory Form Warehouse "http://www.memoryfoamwarehouse.co.uk", I never purchased mattress from this online supplier specially the brands that i could not find in my local store.

I was looking for a Super King Size mattress, and found "Superior Outlast 500 Memory Foam Mattress" which was great (at-least with the specification on the website!) with 5cm layer of temperature sensitive 75kg/m³ high density memory foam and additional 15cm of 40kg/m³ highly resilient reflex support foam base for just under £250.00 incl. next day delivery

Obvious for me was to first go back to Ikea where I got my previous bed and mattress. Checked the price and product specification. Frankly, quite disappointed with it as I was hoping it would have a better or comparable deal, but cheapest super king size was not 1 but 2 single mattress of 90x200 for total of £200 than the additional travel cost nearest store is about 45 miles (not worth it!)

Later, compared this other products from memoryfoamwarehouse.co.uk with other online shops and in local market. This store was the best deal for the mattress, so had buy it! (a product that i have never seen! did not slept on / laydown on it from unknown store! A bit of gamble (fingers crossed!) and went for it!)

It arrived in on Monday evening since i ordered late on Thursday night. To my surprise shipment was packed like a roll, it was tall and very heavy 38 kgs to be precise. Went straight up took the old mattress and bedding out and lifted this on to the bedroom. Unpacked it and left the new mattress for 4 hrs before sleeping on it (as per the instructions, mattress will regain its shape and size etc. etc.)

Later that night when we went up to sleep, my wife simply enjoyed the first few minutes on it and went straight to sleep! and so did i...

Hope this review help! as I did not buy from memoryfoamwarehouse.co.uk before but my experience was 5/5. Again, bought a "Superior Outlast 500 Memory Foam Mattress" now its about 4 weeks and its going great! (as a matter of fact much much better than the previous one I had!)


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