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Do not use Bozowi - you have been warned!!!

So, these guys are actually part of ECD ltd based in Wolverhampton. I had to search the internet extensively to find a phone number to call them - they dont make it easy to contact them. Even then, the phone just rings and rings - no one ever picks up!

Bozowi are a complete nightmare to deal with and customer service is not something they have heard of!

I used Bozowi to return an apple iphone 4s 16gb. They offered me £254, but then downgraded my phone to £50 for many 'made-up' reasons. One reason they gave were the multiple scratches on the phone. This is incorrect as I had kept the phone in a case since the day I purchased it. It also had one of those protecting screen covers on it - I'd describe the condition of the phone as "mint". Another reason was that it was locked to Tesco mobile - this is also incorrect. The phone was locked to O2, which I had made them aware of before submitting the phone. (Surely all phones are locked to a network? - unless they are illegally jail-broken?)

After countless phone calls and lies (such as telling me my phone had already been sold so they couldnt return it to me), I finally received my phone back today. They charged me £10 postage. I lost count of conversations I had, to get to this stage.

Please, please, please do not use this company!

You have been warned.

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25 February 2013

Reply from Bozowi


Our telephone and contact details are available on our website for anyone to contact us during our business hours.

Occasionally, when all our customer service advisors are on calls this impacts on calls being taken. Records indicate that we spoke to you on the 14th and 19th of February. The first stating you had not received the email, where we sent you a screen shots and copy of the emails. The second where you paid the amount sent to you back along with the return carriage.

We received your handset on the 5th of February and processed it, we did find some scratches on the unit, along with details of the handset being locked to a network where the apple database we refer to states it is locked to "Tesco O2" as Tesco use O2 as its carrier and therefore can reflect either network.

The main reason for the revised price of the device is because the liquid indicators have turned pink or red meaning the device has been in contact with some sort of moisture.

Most phones have a litmus indicator which turns red when exposed to liquid or high concentrations of moisture. Unfortunately, the indicator on your phone was red and indicated that it is water damaged. Although water damaged phones may appear to work, they require extensive repair in order to be safely reused. As detailed on our website, we cannot accept water damaged phones. We classify them at a zero value as detailed in our testing criteria. However, we believe that it is only fair to offer a parts value of such devices. This is the main reason for your offer of £50; the rest of the detail just explained other factors we found on testing your phone.
Not all devices are locked to a network some are sim-free and others can be unlocked by the original network allowing us to sell these devices abroad whilst giving our customers one of the highest prices on the internet for their unwanted devices.
Usually devices we have paid out for are recycled very quickly, fortunately we were able to find your device before the process had completed and therefore able to return it you, in accordance with our terms and conditions on returning devices.

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