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Bank Fashion

buyer beware

I ordered a Tulisa skater dress on behalf of my 13 year old daughter which she paid for with her savings (and v. expensive it was too). This was October and they said it would be available for despatch early November - great plenty of time for Christmas. By beginning of December I contacted them to see where it was - they had no clue when the dresses were going to come it. And so on it went. I never had any contact from them to say 'coming soon' or 'so sorry these are delayed'. I had to contact them every time. Eventually a couple of weeks ago I gave up and cancelled the order. Checked the refund on paypal and I have been charged a fee of £1.49 so had actually lost money on the deal. Complained to paypal who said it was because they had sent the money as a payment for goods rather than a refund. Bank customer service refused to accept this. In the end the excellent customer services at paypal waived the fee for me. I know it's only an insignificant amount of money but it just annoyed me because they had messed me around so much and no apologies at all. I wrote a snotty review for their website and guess what it never appeared (it wasn't rude just honest...)

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