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flatulencecures.com - Info on how to stop flatulence

This site is on the causes and cures of flatulence.


Good wine, relentless marketing

Good wine delivered. Definitely better than supermarket wine for the price. The marketing is pretty relentless. They have a lot of deals for your first delivery but then the price goes up. When I get something at £50 one month I'm not likely to pay £70 or £80 for it on and ongoing basis. If you can remember to cancel you can do alright with keeping on getting the specials. They'll send you a discount voucher or call you with a discount if you don't buy wine for a few months.


Good deals on restaurant food

You still have to pay for drinks but food is half price at a bunch of restaurants. If you eat out even occasionally it's good value.

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This is a new website on healthy foods

Information on healthy foods, nutrition and recipes for healthy eating.


Amazon is great

Usually have the best prices and the reviews are some of the most helpful on the web too.


Good range

Good range at the big ones and getting more organic which is nice to see.

Small tesco card easy to fit in the wallet (I usually don't liike to carry too many cards) and the £5 vouchers are good to get (though they could last for a little longer than a week or so after you get them - not everyone does big shops each week).

Have noticed some of the yellow specials tags are sometimes a bit of a scam. People look for these to be discounts and yet you sometimes see a product at say 70 pence with a yellow special '2 for £1.50' which is more than buying individually. Sure most people will see it but if you're in a rush it could be missed. I once asked for a manager at a big tescos in west london and pointed out 3 like this I'd seen. He didn't seem that interested and said it was "just something they do sometime".


A bit of a pain but usually the cheapest

The airports are often way out of town and the prices of stuff on their flights is ridiculous. Still, the flights are often a lot cheaper, even taking into account travelling to the airports.

Seem to be on time more than easyjet of late.

The £10 booking fee is a scam and they shouldn't be allowed to advertise flights for £5 when they are going to add £10 on automatically.


No problems

Been on 02 for 5 years and no problems.

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