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Outrageous star!

Ok bought a £999 MacBook Pro had it for Christmas gift. Opened and used for 7 weeks with use not totalling more than 24 hours! Returned to store as suddenly would not switch on, to be told "nothing is 100 per cent" by a sales assisstant mmmmmm I replied perhaps they should advertise this! He advised i go to Apple store which i did and the nearest appointment they could give me was 5 days away to speak to one of there 'geniuses' (am due to see them tomorrow). Meanwhile after advice Went back to PC world with whom i apparently have the 'contract of sale' today and spoke to the manager who "don't have an opinion" on whether the item fault is reasonable in the timescale! Tells me it can be repaired and I explain I want an exchange as if I wanted effectively a recon machine I would have bought one off of eBay for a substantially lower price. Speak to customer service on the phone as having no joy with Mr No Opinion and speak to a guy who after much utterings and fobs tells me I have to get an independent assessment to say the machine is faulty then they could replace. I inform him that the onus is on him to prove there is no fault as it is under 6 months old. After much tooing and frowing he gets It (i think)Now I am in the ludicrous position of them wanting to send it to apple so they verify there is a fault, which is obvious because its not working! Then and only then will they consider an exchange! Why oh why as a paying customer I have to put up with such inconvenience for a faulty product I do not know! Now after this I have seen on many forums how terrible PC world is and additionally to my shock read the fault I describe is indeed not uncommon. I am now losing faith in the product and PC world and am considering perusal of a full refund (could be in for a long haul me thinks by the looks of things). Quite simply I feel this treatment is UNFAIR and outrageous. On the upside though, they were very helpful and courteous when I was parting with my very hard earned cash! Every cloud hey!
23/02/13 update: went to the Apple store Birmingham and blown away with the attentive and knowledgeable SERVICE . PC world would perhaps benefit fron sending there staff to learn from these professionals. PC world are in a world of their own guys, but it is not a good one! I would not even buy a battery off of them now. A big thank you though to Apple who were brilliant.

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