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UK Mail

Problem with delivery address

The delivery address on my parcel omitted the name of my village so my parcel was delivered to the post town even though the postcode (which was correct for my village) was not the right one for the place to which it was delivered. It just happens that there is a house with the same number and the same road name in both places. I don't know how UK Mail got the wrong address as the address I gave the supplier was correct. Fortunately my telephone number was on the parcel and the person who received it was able to contact me and I collected it from him. There was no-one at home when the delivery took place and the parcel was left with a neighbour. However this did mean a delay of six days in receiving my parcel. I don't know who was to blame for wrongly addressing the parcel so I won't take any action. All's well that ends well.


Not good, Myhermes delivery drivers are not careful enough

Myhermes delivered a parcel to an incorrect address when the postcode was right. I was not in when the parcel arrived so was not able to check the address. The address was to East **** but the parcel was delivered to me at West ***** even though the postcode was correct for the address. The delivery lady did not check the address carefully enough. Unfortunately this had happened several times in the past so I have got to know the lady who lives at the other address and I telephoned her to tell her I had her parcel and she had to collect it herself. I tried ringing Hermes to inform them of this but they simply told me to contact the sender of the parcel (I fail to see why they thought it was the sender's fault) Eventually I gave up as the phone call was costing me money. I ended up with a charge of £1.25 on my phone bill which I have no chance of claiming back. However perhaps Myhermes will read my review and do something to put things right. Hopefully...


I shall stick with DAPW for all my bedlinen now

I used to buy bedlinen from a local chain store but was not happy when the quality went downhill and it started falling apart before it should. Then I saw DAPW advertised and decided to give them a try. So far I've bought a hungarian goosedown duvet, and two covers, one luxury damask, the other tuxedo stripe cotton and pillowcases to match. Apart from a problem with the discount not being applied to my online order (which has been sorted out by a refund) the delivery was good, the price is reasonable and I'm pleased with the quality of everything. Just don't fancy the idea of ironing a double damask quilt cover!

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