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Livefood UK Ltd.

I will definitely shop for my live food here again, the food was fresher than anywhere iv gotten it here in Ireland.

Navigation and purchasing on the website was a breeze. I bought my items on Monday afternoon, they were dispatched Tuesday and arrived at my house in Wicklow (Ireland) on the Friday morning. (This was with the free standard postage)

The locusts came well packaged in a box marked 'live food'. I ordered a mega tub of 25 but there were upwards of 30 in there and they were fresher than any locusts I have gotten here in Ireland.

Since my nearest pet shop that sold good quality live food has closed down (Greystones) I will be getting my food from this website in the future.

It even works out cheaper!!! 25+ locusts for £4.99 + free postage


Good shopping experience, very slow delivery time (Ireland), all 6 items were despatched individually!!!

The shopping experience was fine, i got some great bargains. But the delivery time from the UK to Ireland was very slow (14days+).

I ordered 6 polo shirts, all the same size, 4 of them the same brand, 2 of them even the same colour but yet they all came as separate parcels. Both myself and my postman thought this was insane and surly not very cost effective.

I'm not too pushed about having to wait for stuff ordered from the Internet as i do it a lot but others may be put off by the wait time and the fact that all the parcels were delivered at different times.

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