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Not given a chance to Talk Talk

Just of the phone to these cretins "If wit was a sh#t, they would be a prize t#rd" , details came through for some person in my address, and a letter from BT saying that they were sorry to lose me, 30 sec call to BT sorted out my end. Trying to stop mail coming through to my address a whole different kettle of fish. After speaking to cretin number "in customer service" employee of the month goes to the woman not UK based who asked for details and then of the account. I said the persons name the envelope came through with and she then said you are not this person, I said no this is my address stop sending mail here. She then said on my system is down you will need to call back later. I said I ain't calling back you write the details down and sort it when your PC is working. I cannot do that I am not allowed to, I said ok let me speak to your supervisor, I can only do that if there is a problem. I said there is and its me, so let me speak to the supervisor silence .. I said hello think I had been transferred. I can't be helping you PC not working, I said again ..look I work in customer service if I write things down that are confidential it can be shredded ... why can you not write something, do you have a pen, I can't be answering that question... end of call arrrghhh... call 09.29am this morning and Talk Talk like I said on the phone I am busy have things to do, if I have to call you again I will charge my admin fee of £25.00 per call

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