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Appalling customer service, logistics & attitude

I had the misfortune to purchases a washer drier form BHS direct. This turned out to be the worst decision I have ever made when buying an appliance on line.

I paid for installation and collection of my old appliance, which is clearly stated on their website, will be carried out at the time of delivery. This is one of the key reasons I chose to purchase from them.

When the delivery team turned up with the appliance they did not have their own tools to remove the transit bolts from the machine so, I had to get out my own tools. They then refused to connect the appliance as the drain pipe for the machine is secured to the wastepipe by a jubilee clip. I was emphatically told they there were not allowed to fit jubilee clips – unbelievable. All they did was to push the machine as far back as it would go in its aperture which found out later caused the machine to overheat. The manufacturer clearly states that a 10cm gap is required behind the appliance.

Worst of all, they refused to take my old machine away with them for the reason that it had not been properly drained.

Not only did I drain the machine in accordance with the instructions given, I even went further than this and removed all drain plugs to ensure as much water was removed from the machine as possible before replacing them. But no, this was not good enough. Apparently I have to manhandle it outside myself and upend it overnight! Yet nowhere on the website is this stated –I wonder why?

I was told that I would have to contact BHS Direct who would then be able to authorise them to collect it the next day with another vehicle.

I took them at their word and phoned BHS Direct. My call was taken by a representative who told me that I had not drained the machine properly and that they are not obliged to refund the charge made for collection. He refused to put me through to a manager and only offered a call back, which of course has not happened.

I am now left having to pay for a removal company to dispose of it, so I am well out of pocket. They are also refusing to refund the connection charge even though I had to connect part of it myself.

This is very much an abridged version of events, as the whole saga has taken the best part of two days already and been extremely stressful. Customer service staff are rude and unhelpful and refused to let me talk to anyone in a position of authority.

I have bought 3 washer driers I the past 15 years form other suppliers and did not have any problem with any of them.

This is the first and last time I will buy from BHS Direct.

I would advise anyone considering using BHS Direct to read the reviews on this site thoroughly before doing so. I wish I had.

Mazuma Mobile

Excellent service

Very pleased - all happened exactly as stated on the site

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