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Not the best...but made the effort in the end

I don't really know what to say....I ordered a parcel from Ebay....i had a tracking number and everything seemed to be fine. I was in the night they delivered but heard no knocking or buzzing, they then tried again the same knocking or card left...turns out they couldn't find my address.

This happened another two times, i had phoned up 4 times over two days. I then got my mum to phone and the seller to phone them up. Gave them a contact number twice, gave them directions, even left a note on my door.

Parcel finally arrived today....well they weren't lying when they said they couldn't find the address as there was a map attached and writing stating this.

I'm giving them 3 stars because of the effort they made once we complained. I didn't expect to get it at all so i'm now happy.

I think Yodels telephone service is excellent however not being able to find address isn't ideal, its not that difficult to get to my flat. We had to push them. If i hadn't had a tracking number, i would have been screwed. Not only that but i had to call them, which cost me money.

3 stars:

1st star for effort once a complaint was made
2nd star for telephone service
3rd star for speed, if they actually managed to find my flat..haha

I would not recommend them....the company has a good system in place, they just need to be more thorough and from others's reviews, they need to be more careful when hiring staff. It's a shame, they could be so good but dealing wih them, it's a nightmare and very stressful.

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