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nightmare setting up a bank account

after spending over 30 mins with someone in the bank and taking all my details down and advising of previous address etc, i get a letter in the post to give the same info again - called up (no option for new customers without bank details) to complain told to call back another day as branch now closed. delaying the whole process in setting up the account. seeing there ads on tv and the real service you get is somewhat different. week 2 and still waiting for confirmation on my new account to be set up. think i will be banking elsewhere in the long run as a result.


first time user and happy with service

used ebay for the first time a few months back and was very happy. easy to set up, great price found for what i was looking for.delivered to my work in no time at all (arrived earlier than i thought it would).


great airline to fly with - v happy

really nice staff and helpful. someone on my flight was ill and they looked after her all through the flight. very professional and on time. comfy plane and lots of room esp since im quite tall...even better i had a free seat beside me on my 2nd leg of my flight. also signed up as a frequent flyer as a result


liking my prepaid broadband

quick and easy to get instore and set up was so straight forward. no waiting hours before you can go online after registering! plug in and away you go. only downfall is that it cuts out now and then even though im in a suburban area. speeds also can vary at times but all over i'm happy with the product for browsing the net on the go and at home


good for the essentials but queue's are a given

cant beat it for the general essentials and non branded goods...number 1 choice when it comes to these. stores can be very messy at times and queue's are expected at the tills. then again you'll find that at most major stores at this time of year


can't complain this time

recently flew with ryanair and to be on the safe side opted for a baggage allowance so not to be stung with added fees at the airport. check-in was fast and there was no queue which was good. the airline gets to from a to b (usually via a train into the city) but it's value for money...cheaper than the rest for what i wanted. not after luxury here, just to get to my destination at a good price. i did find however that the airline staff were constantly up and down selling stuff...but i guess that's business for you!


misleading sale, but happy now

i recently joined the orange network. when i went into a store to ask about joining up as a pay as you go customer (after waiting a few mins to be served) i was told that i could sign up on a month by month contract type basis...i did this as was told it would suit me best in terms of value. however it involved serveral calls to the customer service helpline to register and change over from PAYG to pay monthly. (was given 2 sim card to make it complicated!) i am happy with my plan now but thought the process of signing up was a bit complex and felt that i wasnt given the quickest option to suit me...

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old school in store shopper, but buying more online these days