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Be very wary of counter offers as they do not run at the same time as your intial booking

Was booking a specific flight to meet another in order to make a connecting flight and Skytours had a cheap flight that met the time frame for the airport transfer. Unfortunately when I chose this flight and went to book it, Skytours could not get the price I had found and instead offered a slightly more expensive ticket. I accepted, and was surprised to find that the flight was a hole 8 hours earlier than my intentional booking. This means I have 11 hours to kill at the airport. Later found a flight which was at the correct time and $50 cheaper.

24 February 2013

Reply from Sky-Tours

Hello Greg,
Sorry to see your negative review,
When an airlines shows us prices and availability, we still make a double check if this is really bookable, as sometimes the airlines say yes, there are seats, but when we book this seat is already gone. (as happened in your case.
We than search for the next available cheaper flight and show you this alternative. But we look for the next cheaper one. We do not look for the same flight timings if there is another flight cheaper, because most of the people are looking for the price, not for the timings.
You did, unfortunately, not observe the new timings and booked it.
But than we send you a confirmation email and you did not see the new timings there either? We could have, after issuing the ticket voided it. (within a short time frame) free of charge. But you never contacted our support team.
Now of course it's all to late and you are unhappy.

I am really sorry as we could have helped you, but of course now, there is nothing we can offer you anymore to solve this.
Kind Regards

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