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Horrible, rude and unreliable!

I thought I would give Quidco a shot and as a result of misinformation they have refused to pay out a good deal of money. When I complained their response by a representative called [Name removed] was rude and argumentative. He started telling me what I was feeling and refused to help further. A previous representative acknowledged there could be a problem here but [Name Removed] thought customer service meant fighting back. After I replied, [Name removed] didn't even reply to it and just ignored me completely. That was 4 months ago and still not a word back from anyone at Quidco to see if my issue was satisfactorily dealt with. Nothing. Quidco have found a great way to avoid customer complaints which is not to have any telephone number to call at all. This creates 2 things: the ability to stop corresponding, 1. ignore the customer, bury their heads in the sand and know it will go away. 2. The emailing to customer service an response back takes a longer time with Quidco than any other company so they hope the customer will get frustrated enough to give up the complaint. I have registered both my card details with Quidco - I put my trust in them because I believed I would receive a particular service but I didn't. They make it sound that they are a charitable cause that only exist to give you money but don't be fooled, they make a lot of money off your back and give you a labyrinth to get through if you are not happy.

26 February 2013

Reply from Quidco

Hi Rommel,

I'm very sorry to hear that you've received less than perfect service from us. Please be assured that this is being taken very seriously. For us to be able to take this further, could I ask you to email with the heading FAO Leanne TrustPilot and I will look into this matter for you further.

Many thanks, Quidco

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