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T Mobile

Terrible customer service, even 1 star is too many for this company

My daughters contract phone was coming to an end so she started looking for a new phone and contract. I asked at EE shop and even though i said i only wanted to pay maximum of £15. a month i was told that £18.00 was the minimum for 4G phone and it wasnt worth looking at anything without it... we can't get 4G in this area! We looked at T-Mobile website and whilst trying to compare handsets the site crashed. My daughter then gets a text thanking her for ordering a new phone, which she definitely hadn't done. I phoned to advise but was told that the phone couldn't be cancelled and we would have to refuse it when it arrived, unfortunately it was signed for by someone else so i phoned again and was eventually told that a bag would be sent out for me to return it. I had to ask again before the bag arrived and every time i phoned i told the representative that i wanted to cancel the contract when it ended. They kept telling me this was not possible until the handset was returned, even though it was their website that had been at fault. It was early November when this phone arrived and it took until my final phone call on 11th December for me to cancel the contract and i insisted that it had to end on the contract end date as i had bought a phone elsewhere. I have today received a bill for unpaid rental as i cancelled the direct debit. I phoned again to say this was wrong the contract was cancelled and after 11 minutes talking to a person who kept putting me on hold and then asking me what i had phoned for, he transferred me to a very rude female who asked for all of my details again and when i said you've already taken them twice she replied "you haven't spoken to anyone else and without answering my questions i cannot proceed with this call!!!" unbelievable! She kept saying there were no notes on my account but when i asked what the last few entries said she replied "i don't have to tell you that". After 16 minutes i hung up. DO NOT HAVE ANY DEALINGS WITH THIS COMPANY, THEY ARE ATROCIOUS.


Complete and utter rubbish.

I phoned this company to check that the item i required was in stock as i had already tried to purchase from another company advertising on the internet that they "had stock" only to be told when they had my money that they were waiting for more to come in. The person i spoke to assured me that they were in stock for immediate dispatch, but after 2 weeks of waiting i cancelled the order and requested a refund. Time after time i contacted this company and eventually put in a claim through my credit card. it has taken 3 months so far and is still not resolved.
I would never recommend this company to anyone nor use them myself again.

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Excellent product at a very competitive price

The product arrived within a few days of ordering. I have ordered from this company previously and always have good service.



the item i requested wasn't in stock although it said it was when i placed the order. i only found out when i phoned the company; but after my call i received an email from them saying it was "out of stock and unavailable." I had waited almost a week for a part that i could have ordered elsewhere.

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