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Absolute no idea what customers want and untrustworthy

I have been a customer with this company for some time now. With the release of vBulletin 4 people trusted the company completely, but at the moment it seems that this trust is gone now even with me.

It all started with the releases 4.0 to 4.0.8 does releases where not so good they tried to fix stuff but there was no logic into the fixing done. The biggest example is the style system including the stylevars. The fixes where spread into 2 to 3 releases so that meant people needed to adjust the template system a few times if you where unlucky. In that time period many style developers left the vBulletin scene. After 4.0.8 it got a bit better but fixing the issues concentrated on forum only parts the CMS, Blog, Album and Social Groups where for the most part ignored. At the same time a manager [name] (Vice President of Technology) presented a plan what was coming for vBulletin 4 a very long list and impressive list was presented vBulletin users where impressed, but after a year only a handful of items where done we asked but nothing at all no comments where made. That all changed when [name] stopped working for vBulletin the next manager came and just said flat out that [name] could not have given does items because it was never made in a official announcement and he was not in a position to ever make such promises. So we asked what is an official announcement then well with company logo's etc etc etc, to this day all announcements made by vBulletin is without those logo's.

The vBulletin 4 software is not stable at all there still flaws in the CMS if you use it you will get penalty on SEO because of duplicate content on the website. After 3 years its still not fixed. If you use special chars in a line you can also run into trouble (same in the new vBulletin 5). The software is slow its not fully optimized by vBulletin.

The only thing what vBulletin has is support staff they are very good in what they do, but they are in depended contractors. Without the support staff that they have now vBulletin would be in much trouble.

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