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Bride & Groom Direct

Good service, products as expected.

I was pleased with the service provided- I had made a silly mistake with the wording on my invitations order and this was dealt with promptly and efficiently following my email. Customer services were also helpful in putting my orders together to save on postage. Delivery was prompt and I was pleased with the quality and value. I would happily recommend this company for printing and supplying wedding stationery


Top Secret hotel deal a misleading con and very rude customer support staff

I made a booking for a Top Secret hotel room for 2 nights in March at Heathrow, London
At the time of booking I decided to book a hotel room through the 'Top Secret hotels' deal as according to the description on the website I would get something so cheap other guests would be 'jealous' and I was 'guaranteed' it would be cheaper than booking the same hotel the usual way
"Top Secret hotels
What's the big secret?
Shhh, we've managed to get you exclusive hotel deals from our leading chain and independent hotel partners. The other guests in the hotel would be jealous if they knew how cheap your room was, so the hotel wants to keep it a secret.
What discount am I getting?
These hotel rooms are guaranteed to be cheaper than booking the same hotel the usual way on, or through anyone else."

HOWEVER on receiving confirmation of booking I was very upset to see that I had been allocated a classic double room at the Sharaton Skyline Hotel for two nights priced at £136 yet I could have booked the 'same hotel in the usual way on last' for £128 for the same classic double room I also note that I could have booked a room directly with the hotel for £128
I called the customer help line and spoke to an operator and also to a manager, however they both seemed unable to accept my complaint that I had been mis sold and mislead and that the booking directly contravened their own description of what a Top Secret Hotel deal entailed. I was told that the booking was non refundable and they could do nothing about it. I was kept on hold several times and received two call backs but nothing was resolved and no refund or compensation was made. I was told that they were unable to speak to someone at the Sheraton skyline and this was the reason for not giving me a refund.

At the very least I would have expected to call the customer service line and be offered some amount of refund on the booking price or a goodwill gesture such as free breakfast, or as a final measure to be offered a full refund. Instead I was dealt with in an abrupt, unhelpful and frankly rude fashion by the staff and was offered no resolve to the complaint, instead being told more or less 'that's the deal' and there's nothing we are going to do to change it. The only thing they could come up with by way of explanation was that I wasn't getting a non smoking room so it was different. If this is the case then I am appalled that I should be paying £8 extra for a double room that people have smoked in when I am a non-smoker.

I have now emailed a complaint in to them , but was told it could take 28 days for a response, not much help when I travel in 12 days!

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