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pretty much okay and great value for money

kwell I was on sky ditched then , orderd a brand new service from talktalk they took the existing line over issued me a new tt number which had a totaly different prefix as do virgin and sky mostly than local bt wholesale numbers , all went on all good on time , I signed up to essentials and then added a boost for more data , then added mobile and international boosts in the next few weeks , I did notice my router was signal dropping I called got through to a call centre in manilla in the phillapines but the guy was clear and understood him perfectly he did something on his side and changed my router frequency , problem sorted and from calling to ending it took 5 mins , 2 weeks later I broke my router my fault i knocked it over so a call to talktalk I fessed up said it was my fault and to my suprise the lady I spoke to said to me thats fine we will replace it free , Then she looked at my account and said the package you are on and boosts your paying too much and did me a deal of all deals upgraded my account to broadband plus with unlimited uk calls including 0845 0870 and got the 500 mobile mins now 1000 boost and the international deal all for £24.75 a month no one can beat that , so months go by all good no probs until one day I get a welcome call from talktalk for a random person I was like no im not him but I am on talktalk the lady was miffed as she says the numbers are predialed on her screen , we both laughed it off and thought nothing of it , then with in 24 hours getting messages off people asking why im not picking up my land line I picked up my phone theres a dialing tone all in order as it seems , I called my mobile then saga begins I seen the number on the caller display , it wasnt my number ,

This is now where talktalk starts to become a problem I had to call them repeatedly to resolve the issue as I twigged by asking in my flats as we live in a block of 15 it was a new person who had recently moved in , the openreach engineer had managed to swap our lines in the junction box outside our flats , but try telling that to some one in manilla they basically couldnt digest the issue and also the same time I was waiting for a brightspark to install my youview never showed up , so by monday after ringing customer retentions kicking off demanding to end my contract again fobbed off saying it takes 3 to 5 days for a manager to deal with a complaint , still stuck with someone elses phone n bb service and they have mine , basically talktalk blaming open reach so I finally get a call off open reach this rude guy , when I told him the issue he was saying thats not my job you need a home visit im an exchange engineer ring you provider and make an appointment , so im ready to tear my hair out not , so I finally rang talktalks head office left my issue and complaints , then I get a guy call me to say he is from the dheif executives office and he is personally dealing with my account , finally we got to the bottom of it , yes it was open reaches fault not directly talktalks but the issue is talktalk and openreach have a very poor communication system as the bt guy when he come to my house explained , the work blind with just a job number and no line or work info theese errors especially buildings with multipul lines going into the building sometimes the cant figure out whos is whos because they just dont know unless the number is given on the job sheet talktalk dont due to customer privacy but a huge ball ache for the engineer , after 22 days I was back up and running with my own service and I negotiated 3 months free service as a £75 credit , so if you have any major issues ring talktalks head office and ask to speak to the cheif executives office they are the powers who be , but on that note I am happy with what I have and when my sister moved house and told her to get talktalk for the prices and deals shes never had an issue her self apart

apart from that line switch blunder I never had no problems

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