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Devious and manipulative company

A very devious and manipulative company. Knowing them of old it's very suspicious to see a sudden wave of 5 star reviews on here, PPH are not above paying people to write reviews and I know that for a fact. (Would have been more credible if some of you had given them 3 or 4 stars but the brief probably said, give 5 stars.) PPH basically is a money-go-round circus and if you jump on you'll catch a few coppers, maybe a pound if you're lucky, but the company makes sure that one way or another most of it goes into their own pocket. If you're in it for money and you don't mind jumping through hoops and picking up peanuts, why not. But if you're a serious freelancer, forget it. You'll spend more time trying to boost your CERT rating and looking through the dross to try to find a job worth bidding on and trying to get your hourlie through review (not to mention deleting their spam out of your inbox), than you will doing paid work. And if you're a buyer, be careful who you buy from because the successful sellers on there are just that, they are good at selling, but that doesn't mean they're good at anything else.

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