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DPD refuesto give details of Singapore handling agent.

My email to DPD
Dear Bobby,

Earlier I rang and spoke to Mark Davis of your International team, he was polite, helpful and promised to get back to me tomorrow.

The one thing Mark would not do though was give me contact details for your agent here in Singapore, He said he is banned from doing so! This amazes me as all the other International parcel companies we deal with this have no problem in doing so. Below is the reason I am so annoyed with your local agent:-

25 Feb 2013 14:17 Singapore The parcel is in transit on its way to its final destination.
25 Feb 2013 10:04 Singapore Your parcel is on the vehicle for delivery
22 Feb 2013 19:04 Singapore Your parcel has arrived at the local delivery depot
22 Feb 2013 15:50 Singapore The parcel is in transit on its way to its final destination.
20 Feb 2013 19:44 United Kingdom The parcel is in transit on its way to its final destination.
20 Feb 2013 03:37 Hub 3 - Birmingham Exported by international gateway, to DPD Group
19 Feb 2013 20:51 Hub 3 - Birmingham Xray of parcel carried out
19 Feb 2013 20:51 Hub 3 - Birmingham Your parcel has been received at our sortation hub
19 Feb 2013 20:21 Hub 3 - Birmingham Your parcel has been received at our sortation hub
19 Feb 2013 15:25 Leicester Your parcel has been collected from the sender
19 Feb 2013 09:00 Leicester Shipment details received
Consignment Shipped e-mail notification sent

Firstly your web site claims 3 days delivery time to Singapore – 6 days have passed. Parcel arrived late Friday, today Monday at 10.04 local time as you can see I was told the parcel was on the vehicle for delivery. At 14.17 I am then told the parcel is in transit on way to its final destination. What sort of nonsense it this, it is now 21.00 no delivery.

If your local agent’s contact number was posted on your web site I would have been able to call them direct to resolve this matter instead of having to resort to calling and emailing you in the UK. I did find a lot of complaints regarding DPD delivery in Singapore so perhaps that is why they do not want their contact details given out.

Mark is trying to assist me but would you also please look into this. This was a birthday present ordered by my wife for 21st February; we were informed by the company purchased from Desert Boots on the 7th February as follows:-

Hi Phil,

This is confirmation that order #39335 (DES39335) has now been dispatched for delivery.
Did the package seriously only reach you on 19th?


This is the response I received from DPD UK overnight.

Hi Phil,

I am not sure as to the exact reason that we do not disclose the contact details of our international partners; I just know that this is an agreement we have with them. I believe that our international team will be able to shed more light on this for you. It could be that we just wish to conduct such communications through ourselves, because the shipment is ultimately DPD's responsibility, despite being handled by one of our third party partners.

Kind regards,


Polite answer that shed no light on my problem at all. It is now 12.30 Tuesday I am still being told my package is in transit to its final destination and the local agent has not made any effort to deliver it or contact me. I know if I treated my customers this way I would soon find myself out of business.

1.50 pm

Well whatever Bobby did it worked, a beat up scruffy old van jsut pulled up at our gate with the parcel. Driver said he was from DPEX, a little checking found they are part of the same group so why the mystery over naming them?

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25 February 2013

Reply from DPD UK

Hi Phil,

Thanks for getting in touch. I will take a look at your email now and reply. I will be able to send your details to our international customer services team, and they will contact our delivery partner in Singapore on your behalf to resolve this matter. Please let us know how you get on.

Kind regards,


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