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Very good.

A good site which allows you to let others know of bad (or good) companies.

Retail Merchant Services

Con artists

Dito to what has been said before, we fell for the same con by there door to door sales staff. The 3 year contract was never mentioned, we said we needed to check whether we were still in contract with our proesent company, told they had checked and we were not (lies we are still in contract with our present company).
Promised the latest contactless machine, what we got was new but a very very old type machine, when we complained we were told we could have a new up to date machine for more money, Told that payments would be in our bank within 24 hours Lies, and more lies.
We have stoped all direct debits and we will fight them through the courts and will see hell freeze over before they get a penny from us.
Try to phone them and you will be left hanging on the phone for up to 1 hour, ask to speek to a manager and you are told by some ignorant pig he is a manager, i have writen to the compnay and told them its is them who have terminated the agrement by not keeping to what was promised by there rep.

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02 April 2014

Reply from Retail Merchant Services Ltd

We are sorry to hear you have not been happy with the level of service you have experienced with us. We are committed to dealing with our Customers with absolute clarity, and although our service length is clearly stated in our Terms & Conditions section on all of our contracts we apologise if this was not made perfectly clear on this occasion.

Moving forward we have listened to what our Customers have been saying and in response have implemented an extended 7 day customer service, part of our on-going commitment to constantly reviewing our services to better suit our merchant's needs.

I understand that we've now resolved your issue, but if you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.


Retail Merchant Services

Chess Telecom

The absolutly worce company ever

Where to start ?? we were swapped over to chess without our consent fro Gezzer (another Joke company) since then it has been a complete nightmare, it has been very very stresfull and at times quite upsetting.
There staff are the most rude and ignorant i have ever had the missfurtune in dealing with, arrogant would be a understatment !!!.
Ask to speak to a manager and there is never one there or they are busy, ask for them to call you back it never happens.
I have never had one single bill that is correct yet, i am being charged a manual payment charge because i refuse to give them my bank details (would you).
After months of arguing over the length of my contract (its a 12 month contract) which i gave them notice to quit, they have finally agreed i only have a 12 month contract luckily because i have a written contract (would have had even more trouble if i hadnt), they are now blocking my move back to BT having canceled my contract with them twice.
I dont beleave any person on here praising them is real or does not work for the company.
It will be the biggest mistake of your life if you sign up to this company, DONT.
Marks out of 10 = minus 10000. in nearly 40 years in business i have never experienced anything like it.

In the end Chess telecom were forced by Ofcom to refund us money for over charging plus money for our time spent trying to contact them and sort out our problems, plus stoping our move to BT to the sum of nearly £500, anyone dealing with them its best to inform them that from that moment you will be charging them and at what rate, keep a log off all the time spent plus phone calls etc, good luck you will need it.

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