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I was worried from other reviews - but so far, so good

I am relatively new to Achica and placed a couple of orders just before recently reading a lot of bad reviews of them on this site and others (including their own Facebook page!) This made me worry about the quality of items and whether I would have poor customer service if there was a problem.

However, so far that hasn't been the case. My first order arrived fine - albeit in 2 shipments and taking quite a long time (but that is the normal Achica experience). My second order was missing an item but I waited a few weeks after the due date then contacted them. They said the item was unavailable then refunded my money. Then I pointed out that the main item in the order was the one they couldn't supply so I should have my postage costs refunded as well. They then arranged that okay.

The reason I have marked them down a star is because I wonder how long it would have been before they told me that the item I had ordered was unavailable? It seemed that I needed to prompt them - twice - for both refunds. Also, I wonder how often items that I order are actually unavailable? This supply problem does seem to be common with Achica when you read other reviews.

I am in the middle of my third order now. One item has just arrived this morning - much earlier than its estimated arrival time and there is another one due in a few weeks. So far, so good. I haven't been able to fault the quality and price of everything I have had so far.

I love the quality and range of goods on the site but it can be frustrating. The time length for the sales is just too short when it comes to making big decisions on purchases such as furniture. There are also not enough pictures or details of the items - for example, you will have a light and it will say it is made of metal, plastic and glass but will not specify which parts are made of what. A white lightshade could be any of the three - for example. Measurements are also cursary.

I would order more frequently but the delivery costs are prohibitive for just a few small items. You can see a sale coming up that might give you some more items to fill your basket a bit more and make the delivery costs more sensible, but you can't wait for that sale or you will miss the goods in the current sales due to time / availability restrictions. Because of the delivery cost being so high, and the true cost of it not being given till checkout, I often just admire items but not order.

I suppose the warnings that come with Achica are the following -
Don't get your heart set on an item being available - - or on receiving it within their estimated dates - no matter how long you wait. It is not the place to buy your Xmas presents - as other people have found to their detriment. And keep track of your orders and your queries to customer service.

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