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Shopping around made easy - finally

Insurance, breakdown cover, utilities etc are all so boring to search for to get a good price, so when I saw this site I was very surprised. I landed on a comparison table, it told me what I got for my money, how much it would cost, and what special offers I could get and within 10 minutes of searching, I got a fantastic offer. I wish everything else was as easy, can you not make a car insurance page like this? I think a lot of people would use it.



I sent in my iPhone 4S 16GB with an estimated value price of £254. I then received a revised offer from Bozowi of £200 with them stating: 'engineers have tested your phone and have found that your phone has a significant scratches on the unit or screen that does not meet the minor wear and tear criteria. We therefore offer you the revised price below for your phone.'

There were most definitely not 'significant scratches' on the phone. But that's fine if they think that, so I rejected the offer to get the phone returned to me. This was on the 6th February - 19 days ago. I have since received no communication from them, I have sent 4 emails - the most recent stating if I do not receive some form of communication from them I will resort to taking further action. I am unable to telephone them as their working hours are finished before mine are. And just to clarify, I check my junk email everyday as well - it hasn't slipped into there either!

Would never recommend or use this company for their sheer lack of incompetence and poor customer service.

So Bozowi, if you are reading this - I hope this will prompt you to respond and finally return my phone, or revise my offer to the original price you offered. Then maybe we can finally get this matter resolved without having to take it further :)


Since writing this review I have been contacted by Bozowi, who apparently have not received any of my emails due to a server issue. Because of my unhappy review my phone has been placed in quarantine until my complaint has been resolved. I was asked to take this review down, however I have refused and said I will update my review accordingly. Upon updating this review I will be receiving a revised phone price, and if I accept this will be paid into my bank account the same day.

This has been a long drawn out process, however it looks like I will finally get a resolution, and I am finally happy with the outcome. For this reason I have changed my star rating from 1 to 2. As although they may have had issues with their emails, it should still be understood that the level of communication is considered to be unacceptable.


After a promise that my money would be with me the next day after I had updated my review, I received nothing. The next day I sent yet again another email to be told that they had been out of the office the previous day and hadn't come in until late the day after that. Why tell me that everything would be sorted the day after our phone call then!? It is now Sunday, almost 1 week after being told I would receive my money and still nothing. I am completely and utterly fed up now and will be refusing to update this review again.
This is an absolutely awful company, who lies and does not keep to promises and has no urgency whatsoever about them. I recently sent a different phone to <external link removed> and received payment into my account 2 days later, no hassles. It has been almost a month now.

Have since been contacted by a management member, the original member of staff dealing with (or not dealing with) my query quit, I was offered the full phone price and it was paid into my bank account the next day.

Thanks to <private data removed> who finally managed to help me in this ridiculous situation, I am now happy that this has all been resolved and I can forget about this horrible experience!

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15 March 2013

Reply from Bozowi

Dear Kate,

thanks for your feedback on this matter and for updating your comments to reflect your experience of using Bozowi. We’re sorry you weren’t happy with the process because customer satisfaction and any feedback we can receive is very important to us.

We’re glad we were able to resolve the issue to your satisfaction, and would like to assure you that your comments and those of our other customers are taken very seriously and will be considered in future updates of our site and operating procedures.

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