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Endless problems with talk talk over the last 6 months, had over 5 engineers to house and every one has been incapable of solving the problem of minimal speeds (0.5mb!) and unstable connection which constantly cuts out.

When first sold talk talk over phone mid september they said we would have internet 24hrs after receiving router. A few days later engineer came to activate line but no router, then received later saying wed have to wait a further 21 days!! then a further 72 hrs etc etc and we did not have working internet until end of october! BUT few days later line went dead!! so still not internet well into november. This is only the beginning, since then numerous engineer visits, apparent faulty routers, new wiring, new sockets, list goes on. It is now the end of february and we still experience these problems.

icing on the cake - needed to speak to engineering team, technical support said they could not put me through and asked me to phone back using the same options i had used before (i told him this and he thought i was wrong). Phoned back and got through to the same technical support team! wasting another fifteen minutes after being put on hold etc. USELESS - I COULD DO BETTER AND I AM A GIRL!

TALK TALK ARE INCOMPETANT, barely understandable on phone once you get past the automated systems. Even the managers are useless. They are absolute CON MERCHANTS PLEASE STAY AWAY!!!! This isnt even half of the story. Be warned.

By distressed third year student - unable to do work half the time as internet barely works.

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