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Service spot on as always, shame about the hidden telesales charge!

I always use ebookers for my flights, the service is great and I particularly like the free telesales pop-up box that appears on the website when you're searching for flights.

Everything seemed seamless as always and I received the confirmation email within 20 mins as stated, but on this particular occasion, I had been charged £10 for a telesales charge, something the agent on the phone had failed to mention in our 18 min conversation. Now, I usually go through to speak to an agent as oppose to book flights directly on the website - this is solely due to the fact I have a child under 2 and may flights don't show up online when you request adult and child (in the lap) seats - they simply show unavailable, yet I know they are available when searching for adult only seats.

I then called back to complain which took another half an hour on the phone. They had to investigate by going back to our recorded conversation and also speak to the agent in question. The agent quickly resolved the complaint by refunding an unauthorized charge, but it will take up to 10 days to come back into my account (interesting to see they can take money so quickly, but will take over a week to refund their mistakes!)

I realise its only £10, but for me, its the principal. I don't agree with anyone taking money out of my account without my knowledge...and I don't expect to pay extra for a service that the website can't action due website restrictions, that are beyond my control. I am forced to call to make the booking and so would expect the same level of service as booking through the website.

The agents obviously go through a set script to book customer flights, so its concerning that the added £10 fee is not mentioned to the customer, even when they confirm the total costs. There should be a clear discussion at the beginning of the call to state that the telephone service is chargable.

I'm assuming this is happening on every call and I wonder how many customers don't even notice they are being charged??

Surely, there are laws or policies against this type of charging without informing the customer up front??

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