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Extremely bad.

It was a week before my birthday and I was having a party so I decided a Tesco delivery might be slightly more convenient as I don't have a car. Being on a second floor flat I ticked all the right boxes detailing this and wrote in the instructions section to call my mobile as the buzzer is unreliable.
I made my large order, chose my slot for the next day and was pleased to get a text the next morning informing me that my delivery will be with me between 9 and 10pm. I sat in all eve had my phone on loud and the first call I received was at 9:30pm saying I had missed my order as I was not in. I asked the driver on the phone why hadn't he called and he rudely answered 'yes I did, four times' which then changed to 'once but phone was off' before he then hung up when I continued to work out why he was clearly lying as nobody had called at all.
I rang customer service who apologised but said they could only re-deliver the next night and I was told between 9-11, which I agreed as I was working until 8.
At 7.30 the next night I had another call... you guessed it - telling me I had missed my order. Again I complained and again I was told to wait in for a third night. I did so and the order was again an hour early - luckily I had left work and got home to preempt this.
After numerous complaints, I was just pleased to have my order - until I noticed my bank balance. TESCO HAD TAKEN THE ORDER PAYMENT TWICE from my account. In utter shock, I rang customer service again only to be told that as my order was cancelled the first time because I wasn't in (which i WAS) and they had to re-take it out of my account the next day and the refund for this would take 3-5 working days to go back. This means I paid double for an order that was 3 days late without knowing about it. When I asked customer service why they thought it was ok to take the payment from my account again without even telling me, they said that this is the way they do it. Oh and the second time they took the money, I was charged a higher amount as I assume the deals were different later in the week.
TESCO you really don't help.

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