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Absolutely TERRIBLE!

When people like something, they may say: 'I couldn't complain about it...'. Well I couldn't IN A MILLION FLIPPING YEARS COMPLIMENT THESE I D I O T S!!
Only twice have we had items 'delivered' by HDNL, both times, items have failed to be delivered. It says they have left it in a safe place on the porch...I don't have a porch! You didn't knock on the door when I've been in all day. It is terrible. And both times, the items being delivered cost more than £150. They are absolutely terrible and it is disgraceful Amazon use them. Why can they not just stick to FedEx and good ol' Royal Mail. This is the most RIDICULOUS, PATHETIC excuse for a delivery company and they should pick up their sticks and go p**s off some other people because in busy Britain where people work, people are preoccupied, people don't have time for this IT IS ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS TO HAVE THIS S**T company going around claiming they have delivered expensive packages when, in actual fact, they've bloody lost 'em. To top it ALL off...they have rubbish customer service INSISTING they delivered the parcel at 7PM when I was most definitely in at the time. C'mon Amazon, I don't pay £50 Prime for this.

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