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Used to be a 10/10 service but now have the worst customer service I've experienced.

Having spent thousands of pounds with Juno over the years I recently encountered a few problems starting with their new eBay outlet.

My orders were ignored (or forgotten about) and I had to chase them up for days waiting for invoices to be sent and waiting over a week to find out my orders were not coming. Turns out by then most of the very limited items I wanted were now out of stock. The first time it happened I was told it would not happen again. It happened with 7 more items over the next few days! Refunded without being informed why, then a complete lack of response. No apologies, was just told not to order from their eBay outlet anymore. I've also had zero response from the main website.

If I click 'buy it now' on an item on they're eBay account, then surely that item is mine? I'm sure if I'd decided I didn't want to pay for 30 items a week later they would be chasing me up for payment! And the payment would've been made a lot sooner had it not taken them days to send me an invoice!! Had they told me straight away instead of letting me wait over a week then I could've bought the items elsewhere before they sold out.

All in all, what was once the most reliable online store has now become the most unreliable due to a complete lack of customer service and their staffs inability to do a simple job.

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