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Can't fault service

Delivered by DPD which gives a one hour delivery slot, which was perfect and sets the bench mark for others to match
Purchased the callaway aqua dry golf bag, it's ok but not very sturdy uses wire bracing rather than solid central tube, time will tell if stand up to the riggers of golf, so far it's waterproof.
Phil Davies Trentham

Repairs4 Lmited

Slow service and failed repair on iPhone 3GS

Had to chase them 3 times over 11 days for diagnostic on iPhone 3GS, then they came back and said it was hardware failure and sent it back un repaired with no explanation . Very disappointed service would not recommend based on my experience cost me £14 in postage and a total of 2 weeks with no phone.

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27 February 2013

Reply from

Dear Mr Davies,
Many thanks for your review. As with any negative review or complaint your order has been passed to me to investigate.

I can see that your device was sent to us for our fault diagnosis service which we state can take 7 - 10 days. The fault that you specified when booking the device in was as follows:
Fault Details
"I have a iPhone 3GS ,it did have a cracked screen so I decided to replace
the screen myself and while I had it open to change the battery, in doing
the screen repair I cracked the LCD screen so this was also replaced.
First problem is that I could not get past the red battery screen, so I then
put in the old battery, next problem was it would then Not get past the
apple logo,. I have since tried recovery in recovery mode on iTunes and also
in DFU mode and got to the screen were it says iphone restored but still no
boot.I then tried tiny umbrella and ireb to get out of boot loop, no
success, and now when I try iTunes restore it states error 3194. I have now
put the new battery back and back to the red charge screen ( new battery
apn ends 0345) all part purchased from e-partz ,
At some stage I guess I would have disconnected the battery without a power
down as when I discovered I had cracked the LCD I could not power down The
old battery still charges as I can see this on iTunes so don't think it's
the fuse, the new battery does not charge, the old battery APN ends with
0431. I have now given up and are ready to buy new or send it to you guys if you
think it's not too expensive."

On the 22nd Feb 2013 our customer services informed you that the device was beyond economical repair as our diagnosis software was reading a number of faults being generated that all indicated a serious fault with the logic board. The device was returned to you and nothing was charged for the extensive time that we had spent on the device.

I am sorry to hear that you are disappointed in our service however if there is anything further that i can help with please feel free to contact me on 0800 033 7000

Kind regards,

Nicholas Shaw
Managing Director

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