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Inadequate Bathrooms

It's not often I feel compelled to write a review, only if I find something exceptionally good or exceptionally bad, well in this case it's the latter I'm afraid. Better Bathrooms was recommended to us by our builder when we had our 3 bed semi fully refurbished and extended and we needed to completely fit out 2 bathrooms plus a downstairs toilet from scratch. In our builder's defence he had only recently purchased from them himself at the time and tells us now that he would no do so again, having experienced similar problems to ourselves with the passing of time.

BB's website looked good with a wide range of shiny stuff and attractive prices so we bought everything we needed from them and on first receiving our enormous order we were perfectly happy. One item was damaged in transit but they replaced that so no cause for complaint at that point. And once fitted, all seemed to be well, everything looked great. However, within 6 months, the poor quality of many of the items we bought started to become apparent and when we tried to obtain replacements we found BB's Customer Service to be sorely lacking.

One of the problems we had was that the items were fitted some months in advance of them being used. We had moved out of the house for 6 months while the work was carried out, so items ordered in May did not start being used until September. Therefore, when the temperature regulator on our £400 shower stopped working after only 9 months of use, we had to pay for a replacement, even though one of these should last for years according to our plumber. When I explained that it had been used for only 9 months and this could be proven, and even pointed out that, for the sake of being just a few weeks over the guarantee period from purchase, a gesture of goodwill was surely in order after we had spent thousands of pounds with them, we hit a brick wall of total disinterest.

It felt as though, now they had our money they really just wanted us to go away and leave them alone. Every time I phoned (and that was many times since calls were never returned nor emails responded to), whoever I spoke to always sounded from the start of the conversation as though they really weren't interested in trying to help you, no matter how politely and pleasantly you approached them.

We have also had problems with taps leaking from places they shouldn't, chrome finishes corroding and toilet flushes failing. We've now given up contacting them and just accepted that we'll have to live with these poor quality fittings until they become so bad/irreparable that we can justify replacing them with something that truly is Better!

Overall we have been very disappointed and will never shop there again, and advise others not to either, since there are plenty of good alternatives.

Thank you for reading, I hope this review is helpful.

Yale door

Yale Door put their competitors to shame!

If Yale Door can produce such a good quality and stylish item at their prices why can't all the rest? Everyone who comes to the house compliments the front door, it looks great. And it is of really solid quality construction. I have recommended Yale Door to friends and family and would not bother looking anywhere else in future, I'd go straight to them.

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