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Absolutely rubbish

I bought a pack of white faced DVDs which on arrival turned out to be white, but not printable. After a lot of time wasted negociating with (LOL) Customer Service they gave me a return order offering refund or replacement (for printable ones). And no, they would not pay the return postage!!!
They did not send a replacement - they just did a (Paypal) partial refund - carefully not paying back my original p&p charge!!!
So I got stuffed for postal charges both ways. I wonder how guilkty the customer service people feel when they draw their wages!! I couldn't rest easy in my bed if I worked like that.
This is the crappiest firm I have had the misfortune to deal with in many a long year and I only wish I had checked out review sites before ever dealing with them. They can rest assured that I will be spreading the word - big time.
(I note that they don't have a presence on Facebook - good job I should think - but I can post on my own profile of course.)
Ginen all the terrible reviews I have read - why doesn't the firm review their own servces and amend accordingly. From what I have read, they don't deserve to remain in business and carrying like this will probably mean that they won't in the future!!

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