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Servicing Stop Ltd

They caused more problems than they fixed (if they actually fixed anything)

I want to give these guys 0 stars. Seriously, that bad.

Terrible service, bad garages to do the work, lots of problems after servicing with faults showing up that they claim are a coincidence, trying to add on lots of unnecessary extra replacements or bits of work. They start out looking like they'll be cheap and it only goes up from there. They're cheap in the bad sense of the word.

Go to a local independent garage. Get good, honest people to work on your car. It'll start off sounding more expensive but will work out much, much better value in the long run.

Personally I will never ever let them anywhere near my car again. It's a shame people like this exist because they make us all lose trust in mechanics and the people who genuinely do a decent job.

This isn't an isolated incident judging by all the people who've had problems here: [external reference]


Apalling from start to finish

I'm generally a big fan of online grocery shopping and have used Ocado for years. It's always been easy to pick my shopping, checkout and then the delivery has been flawless - they arrive on time with everything that I've ordered or with well considered, and optional, replacement items. Given that Ocado have split from Waitrose, and I shop in Waitrose, I thought I'd give Waitrose.com a go and see how it works.

Well, in short, it's absolutely terrible. In every way from start to finish.

The website is awful. It's slow and difficult to navigate. The search is poor and the way that offers and products are presented is shockingly bad. It was a really object lesson in perseverance to get the order entered and placed.

The delivery windows are nonsense. You have to select a 2 hour window and can only pick a delivery time 2 days in the future. How on earth does that make it convenient? It doesn't, that's how!

The driver was impatient and obviously just wanted to drop off the groceries and disappear as quickly as possible. There were items we hadn't ordered and things missing and he simply said, "it's all fine, just call customer services". It's not fine, we already knew at that stage there were problems but he genuinely didn't care at all.

Then, the final straw, is dealing with customer services. Wow, they've perfected the ability to disregard and mistreat the customer. They've ignored a series of emails, lied to me and misled me on the actions they were taking. First it was going to be a refund of the missing items. Well that didn't happen at the first time of asking, or the second time, or the third time... I escalated this to the CEOs office out of sheer frustration dealing with the idiots in the Cobham branch. They personally oversaw the refund and even then it didn't happen. Finally they said they'd refund the full value of my order. Oh, but that didn't happen and there was no refund. Then, at last, they refunded for the missing items. Incompetence. Lies. Deception. Inaction. Avoidance. Name a negative behaviour around customer service and they'll give you a few examples.

Please, please, please, do not use Waitrose.com. They really don't deserve the business. If, god forbid, you have a problem then really don't even dare to think it will be sorted out. Best bet is just not to go anywhere near them.

Use Ocado. Use Tesco. Use Sainsbury's. Honestly pick any other supermarket and you'll be doing yourself a favour.

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Great value but there's more to it than that...

Fantastic products and prices but online needs to be better. There's a special offer at the moment that doesn't appear in your basket before checkout, during checkout or in the confirmation email... Did I get it or not? Who knows?!? Come on, you can do better than that!

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