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Utter cowboys!

I can't believe they are still allowed to trade as a UK entity!

They are not the cheapest on average. They are certainly not the easiest. They do have nasty hidden charges (they charge you £10 per year for your own subdomains!). They autorenew very much earlier than they tell you they will by email. They don't make it easy to remove payment methods. They make it hard for you to transfer out. If their system takes payment incorrectly, it can be months before you get them to cough up a refund. Their web panel often shows errors, incorrect details, inconsistent details, or shows details that do not match the emails they send you. Their support is like talking to a computer, if the answer is not on the support assistant's screen, be prepared for a long drawn out tiresome dialogue where you wonder whether the issue will ever get solved.

Tip: If you don't want to pay for your subdomains, like you don't with other companies, and you have hosting with another company, you should be able to set the nameservers to that company's and then set up subdomains. That will probably also improve DNS resolution time of your site (because 123-reg's nameservers are rubbish). However, don't be surprised if occasionally they revert back because 123-reg's settings don't always stay how you left them.

In summary, if you are a lawyer with plenty of spare time, who knows about trading standards and consumer rights, and doesn't mind getting in a dispute, this is the company for you. For everyone else, avoid like the plague! I've been with DreamHost for the past year (though still a handful more domains to transfer), and I have not been disappointed. I still have ongoing disputes with 123-reg.

27 February 2013

Reply from 123 Reg

Hello James,

My name is James and I work for 123-reg.

I would like to address some of the points that you have mentioned on this post.

The DNS management is offered to all customers using the 123-reg nameservers which you can configure subdomains for free. There is no limit to the amount of subdomains that you can create on a single domain. We have a subdomain name service which we do charge for, however the charge covers the additional services which are offered with these subdomains.

Services with 123-reg are set to auto renewal to help ensure the smooth continuation of services and avoid any down time for customers which could be disruptive. Renewal reminders are sent out prior to the renewals to inform you of the upcoming renewals and give the opportunity to cancel the services if it is no longer required. Information and help doing this can be found from the renewal reminders themselves. The date of the renewal is given in the reminder and also includes details advising you if your service will renew early. Some services will be renewed prior to the renewal date to ensure that there is an opportunity to rectify any errors with the renewal before the expiration date to avoid possible down time. In addition, renewals by direct debit will need to be collected earlier to allow time for the payment to process. We are currently working on reviewing and updating our renewal reminders and when we have completed the updates, more information will be included in the reminders in an effort to ensure clear and transparent communications to all customers. The card details are stored to help ensure the smooth renewal and continuation of services.

With regards to the transfer process, this is defined by the governing registry and as such will differ between domain name extensions. We have support articles that outline the process for domain transfers and I will be more than happy to help and assist you through this.

I have seen from your review that you do have outstanding issues and I would like to take this as an opportunity to be able to help you have these resolved as soon as possible. If you can send details of your account or a support ticket ID to customerexperience@123-reg.co.uk I will be in touch further. I would also be keen to hear any further feedback you would be willing to give. I can see you have not felt the support you have received has reached the standards you have expected. I would like to look into this in more depth and find out what improvements we can make to ensure the best support is provided to all of our customers.

Kind Regards


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