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Merchants stay away! LivingSocial does not honor its contracts and will put you through hell when it comes time to write your ad.

I am writing this as merchant who has done business with LivingSocial.

LivingSocial is a poorly run and disorganized company without a speck of honor.

While our coupon deal was running, an unethical competitor called them to complain about something that we got in our contract that he did not get in his. Of course, our deal has nothing to do with him, but he convinced LivingSocial to pull our ad, even though they were the ones who contacted us and offered us the deal in the first place. A contract was signed, yet LivingSocial breached it. But, that isn't all.

During the process of putting the ad together with their production department, apparently run by Nazis, LivingSocial exhibited tremendous incompentence and arrogance. Their copyrighting was amateurish, like some 13-year-old was doing their writing. They erred constantly while condescendingly ignoring our input. We had to fight tooth-and-nail to have our company and services properly represented in the ad. They treated us like feces and, hence, LivingSocial is the worst business I have ever experienced.

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