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Exante Diet

Bought drink flavourings instead of Cambridge Diet ones

I Initially thought these (drink flavourings) were cheaper than that of the Cambridge diet. The stats worked out (carbs etc) the same ish and the sizes the same ish. i bought the pack of 3 as it was better value still, but when i added the PP of it worked out roughly £15 for all three or £5 each.
The flavours have more variety than the CD which attracted me to it too.
HOWEVER, rather than mix well with water, these go quite lumpy. I also found that even though the stats are the same, you will need 3 times this product in the same amount of water that the CD uses. So not only do you use three times as much, you have 3 times as much carbs which (i think) has been throwing me out of ketosis if i have more than a litre.
If you are like me and am on the CD and looking to get different flavourings i would not reccomend these unless you cant stand the CD flavours! But if you really must, just go for one to try and monitor your ketosis levels.

27 February 2013

Reply from Exante Diet

Having not tried the CD drinks mix’s ourselves it is difficult to comment on how they compare. Exante’s are quite similar to LighterLife’s in terms of how much you need to use. Of course it does depend on how strong you like it. If you are having problems mixing them then try mixing with a little warm or hot water first until the powder has dissolved and then add your cold water. If you are finding that you are coming in and out of ketosis you may want to select shakes, soups, bars etc. with the lowest carb content to give you a little more room for manoeuvre. Also remember if you are drinking a lot of fluid you will be diluting down the ketones in your urine. It may be that you are excreting ketones but the levels are lower than what can be detected with ketostix as these were created to detect the very high levels found in uncontrolled diabetics and aren’t so sensitive at the lower end. Thank you for the review

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