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Dont Touch them they are useless

Recently bought three 3D tv from Currys and foolisyly took out the premium cover at £9 per month. After 3 month went back on to there Web sight and noticed that the price was £7 for exactly the same warranty. I phone KnowHow and ask why my current policy didnt reflect the new price. Their answer was abrupt you took out the agreement at £9 so that is what you pay.So I said I would cancel all three agreements, of which they said why not take a new agreement at the new price , of which I agreed and cancel the old agreement with a new direvt debit mandate. I asked should I cancel the orginal Direct Debit , they said No it will automatically be cancelled.
Yes you guessed right they have taken out both payments by direct debit and not cancelled . I have registered my complaint but no answer.
This KnowHow will sendCurrys the same way as Comet to the wall.
Buy electrical goods from Tesco far better deals.

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