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They called me a liar! worse company ever!


I bought a dress online on the friday evening and clicked standard delievery which is usually 3 -5 working days. I got an email on the monday from the online company saying my delievery had been dispatched to DX, I also got a link on that email with my tracking number to track on the DX website. When I typed it in , it said my postcode didn't match my tracking number. Worried that they didn't have my address I called them ( remember this part) and was put through to who ever tracks, they checked my address and order and confirmed it was on its way to them and would be delievered by wednesday. I also sent an email to the company that I bought the product off and they confirmed my address and that it would be delievered wednesday. And until then I was happy with the service I received.

Wednesday morning came and I had an email from the company at 7am saying that my order would come today. They also left a message on my home answer phone. At 10:30 DX emailed me saying my order was being delievered the first line of my address wasn't on there. They then emailed me 30 minutes later saying my address was unclear and that they couldn't complete my delievery I.e attempted delievery.

So I called them, spoke to a girl called Hannah, who is clearly an idiot! She said there was an attempted delievery and it would be delievered tomorrow ( thursday) instead. I was so angry because I had made sure I was in on the wedneaday.

This hannah then put me on hold for about 10 minutes, I got tired of waiting and hung up. I called back and explained my situation to another girl and asked to speak to the manager. I was told they would call me back.

Finally the manager Chris ( a female) called me back, she was useless, I explained I called both DX and company a few days before to confirm my address, she then said I was lying!! And that there was no record of me calling or contracting them until the wednesday morning! Why would I lie!!!!??? Ahh I was fuming! There are useless! Awful! Idiots! They clearly employee people who have no idea what there doing! So now I have to waste another shitty day to get my order. NEVER USE DX GROUP!! Completly SHIT!!!!

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