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Fantastic product at an amazing price!

I recently decided to try and bulk out a bit. I am 6,3" and have always been quite skinny in frame, whilst simultaneously carrying a bit of beer muscle around my belly. i do regular exercise and was probably going to the gym about 3 times a week, doing a mix of weights and cardio. Before taking on the extra protein I weighed in at 14 stone, but didn't really have any definition to shout about.
A friend of mine had recommended I check out My Protein as he got a 5kg sack of basic whey for just over £30 which seemed a phenomenal deal compared to other brands. Having perused the website I picked the True Whey Lean Mass, as it had practically zero fat content as well as other ingredients to help you absorb the protein. I have been using the product for 4 weeks now - having a shake first thing in the morning and then another after my work out. I have been going to the gym 4 times a week doing about an hours weight training each time, then playing tennis for a couple of hours each Wednesday to get in the cardio. My diet has remained the same apart from the addition of the shakes - I try to eat healthy with lots of fruit and salads, whilst not neglecting carbs like some folk do. So far I have put on about 1/2 stone in weight. I can see a real difference in my appearance - I have lost some of the beer muscle around my stomach, my waist has certainly lost an inch and my shoulders look broader. I can see good definition in my arms and chest in particular. Now, I am not saying these results are because of the True Whey - it is because I have been sweating it in the gym - but having previously taken the decision to improve my physique, I can say I am getting much better results this time round with the shakes. I see a lot of reviews commenting on the taste. I have the chocolate mint flavour and it is great just mixed with water. My guts seem to be able to tolerate them much better than other products and I can definitely notice an improvement in my muscle recovery.
Now going into the second month, I might up the work rate and have maybe 3 shakes a day. If you are thinking about trying this product just remember that you will still need to work if you want results - but if you are prepared to work then I highly recommend True Whey as your training partner as it WILL make a real difference. Great product. Great results. Great price. I will always buy from My Protein from now on.

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