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Double payment kept!

I ordered a set of 8 chairs on dec 22 2012. The internet connection stalled while paying with Visa. No confirmation came so I ordered again. Now the order went through and was confirmed. Later I got a log-in and checked my account. There were two orders of eight chairs and they had drawn money for both (I never got a confirmation of the second order). I immediately e-mailed them through the website and requested one order to be stopped and the funds for it returned. No reply. I tried again a few days later with the same result. A direct e-mail on jan 2 finally produced a response. They called us on jan 7 and also sent confirmation that the second order was to be cancelled and the money returned within 30 days. Then nothing happened. Further e-mails got a responses on jan 17, feb 7 and the latest on feb 21, all promising to make the transaction as soon as possible. The latest one said it was a 100 % sure to be paid last week...
2 months have now passed and my account at Infurn still says I have 2 orders of 8 chairs, and of course, no money has been returned. This is organised fraud! This company can´t be trusted. I am seriously worried about the money, about the number of chair we might get (if we get any) and what the chairs will look like. If my money hasn´t arrived within the next few days I feel I have to report them to the authorities.
I love Trustpilot! A day after my review I was contacted by Valerie at Infurn. And after the weekend the money had been returned. Thank you Trustpilot and Thank you Valerie. Why don´t they let you handle all complaints from day one??
Two weeks laster the chairs arrived and they were fine. If it hadn't been for the late return of the money everything world have been fine!

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28 February 2013

Reply from Designfurn LTD (infurn.com)

Hello Dag,

Further to our conversation today, we understand that you erroneously placed duplicate orders.

We are sorry for the delay in response over the Christmas holiday period but can confirm that as you were last informed it would be re-imbursed in the week of 25/02, it has now been done. We have also given up-dated delivery status on your current order.

Kind Regards
Valerie - Customer Services Adviser.

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