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Pingo cancelled account of very satisfied customer for no reason, UPDATE: restored after this review

Opened an account 1/29/13 for my daughter to be able to call home. Great price, great call quality, smiles all around. $10 bonus credit was applied to the account as advertised, more smiles! 2/21/13 my daughter calls me using a borrowed phone card to tell me Pingo stopped working. I went to visit her on the 23rd and we tried together and it was like I had no account. Checked my email and they's sent an email saying they were sorry I'd canceled. I never cancelled, the credit card is fine, and nothing anywhere to let me know why. C.S. rep I talked to was not helpful, saying I had to email pingoverification for help. Four emails and zero replies, and my daughter still can't call home. They tried calling my daughter at the location she is staying, but she is not allowed calls from non-family members and has nothing whatsoever to do with opening or paying for the account. They've never even tried to call the number associated with my account (my mobile number.) From very satisfied to completely dismissed, worst customer service I've ever received! ASFAIK no refund of remaining balance either...
UPDATE: forgot to mention I referred another customer who also opened an account!

UPDATE 2/28/13: Pingo finally called me at the number associated with my account after reading my review here, thank you TrustPilot! After explaining the situation the account was restored in full, smiles again. My daughter called me using Pingo today and was very happy it was working again. I did tell the rep that if they cancel an account because they're suspicious the credit card number may have been stolen (apparent reason they cancelled) they should try to let the customer know there's a problem instead of sending an email saying "sorry you cancelled." The phone service itself is excellent, but my student workers could give them a lesson in etiquette for customer service. The gentlemen I spoke with this morning was very polite, and my problem was resolved to my satisfaction, but he was unable to explain the failure to notify me the reason for cancellation, nor the lack of replies to my emails. Bumping from 1 to 3 stars, will bump again assuming no further problems. Suggestions: communicate directly when there's any hint of a problem with a customers card, (calling the number making the calls may not connect you to the account holder) allow reps on your toll-free number access to escalate to someone who can actually help, and lastly, a courtesy bonus credit to my account would have been appreciated after your communication issues basically cut-off communication for my daughter. I can be a very loyal customer, given the right circumstances...

01 March 2013

Reply from Pingo.com

Hello Wade,

Thank you very much for your patience and understanding, and it was our pleasure speaking with you.

As we discussed, the account was closed for possible fraud in an effort to protect our customer’s accounts from potential abuse.

As a gesture of our commitment to our loyal customers, we have added a complimentary bonus credit to your account.

We do appreciate your business and glad to have this concern resolved and your account restored.


- The Pingo Team

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