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Mixed opinion!

Achica provides an excellent range of products across a wide range of areas. I love receiving the emails and having a look through the daily offers, often placing orders for home items or items for our soon to be first born child.

I must say however, my 5 star rating of Achica has been recently tarnished by a very poor customer service experience. In short, I was sent 2 incorrect items out of 6. One of the items was "no longer in stock" and the second was not despatched when advised, however, the focus was entirely on the courier collecting the incorrect item. I of course offered options for the courier, however none of them were followed. The correct item was despatched to my husbands work but it was not attention to anyone, and had to be opened by the reception staff who paraded the baby item around the office to see who it belonged to. The courier then collecting the incorrect item from myself did not follow any of the collection instructions, and instead made his was into a secure facility and staff ended up calling me to come and address the matter.
The customer service representative was, throughout, more interested in being "clever" and trying to justify himself rather than being apologetic - the concept of customer service did seem lost on him! I did point out that I had never received such treatment from other companies - companies such as John Lewis should an error occur are immediately apologetic, not defensive, and go above and beyond to rectify the situation, thus allowing you to remain assured with future purchases that should there be an error or a problem, that they will sort it out immediately at no inconvenience to the customer.
I am very disappointed and this will indeed affect how much, if at all, I shop with Achica in future, as I do not feel confident in the customer care provided.
Thank you.

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