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Age Partnership

Perfect - I was taken aback by this company's efficiency, effectiveness and attention to detail

There are many ways in which Age Partnership remind me of the way business used to be done but without any of the stuffiness and undue obsequiousness which used to be a part of the old style. Telephone calls begin with the full name of the person calling and their role in the company. This is followed by the considerate inquiry whether this is a good time for a short call. The manner of the caller is always friendly but not overly familiar. The information is imparted clearly with no jargon and no irrelevant "data mining" questions.
Answers to the now standard security check questions are not required because such questions are not asked. The calls are made at each stage in the process and
serve to keep you in the picture as the very efficient transfers of money and clearly explained calculations are available.
That part of the process which requires form filling is backed up by very clear written advice, helpfully highlighted questions which must be answered. Telephone support from the fully named individual responsible for your file is freely available. I cannot think of any way in which the company could have done better.
If only Government departments and banks could be sent for re-training at Age Partnership!
customer reference number: 1005775

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